Friends of SSPC

Other Company Ownership

Willard Jack Trucking

Willard Jack Trucking, owned by Willard and Laura Lee Jack, was originally founded to help service the grain hauling needs of Silent Shade Planting Company; however, over time, the business has expanded to service customers in the Mississippi delta area hauling grain, fertilizer, dirt, gravel and cotton seed. Our mission at Willard Jack Trucking is to safely and efficiently provide hauling services for our customer base in the Mississippi delta and Silent Shade Planting Company in a timely manner and at competitive prices. Willard Jack Trucking operates nine trucks, employs eight full-time drivers, and brokers out independent truckers as needed.

Delta Air, Inc.

Silent Shade Planting Company has a shared ownership in Delta Air, Inc., which is an aerial application service headquartered in Belzoni, Mississippi. Delta Air uses an Air Tractor 602 to provide aerial application to Silent Shade and other farms in the area. The Air Tractor is one of the latest models with features that allow it to apply fertilizer and pesticides at a variable rate across fields.


What is a “partner”?

Our partners are companies in which we create a strategic alliance so that they become what you would consider an extension of our business, and in turn, our business an extension of theirs. Who are our partners? In 2009, Silent Shade Planting Company made the business decision to create partnerships with two key companies: Pioneer and Wade Inc./John Deere.

How is our partnership a benefit to Pioneer and Wade Inc.?

We guarantee them 100% of our business each year. This guarantee strengthens our relationship and opens the door for us to work together to do research and experiments on seeds, chemicals and equipment that benefits both companies.

How does Silent Shade Planting Company benefit?

  • It streamlines the decision process for us when we are purchasing seed, chemicals or equipment.
  • Our close relationship helps them to better understand our company, such as our values, farming techniques, crop choices and concerns.
  • We can count on our partners to help train our management and employees so that they can better perform their job at Silent Shade.

How do you choose a good partner?

You must have trust in the people that you work with and faith in the products and services that they provide. With each of these companies, we do, and we appreciate their trust and faith in us.