Our Farm Locations

Silent Shade Planting Company farms both owned and rented land scattered across Humphreys County and one farm in Holmes County and Leflore County

We are currently interested in growing our rental acreage and purchasing land. For landowners, it is a very difficult decision when choosing a farm to rent your land. We understand, and we make every effort to be transparent in our farming practices and to have a strong relationship with our landowners and farm property managers by doing the following:

  • Analyzing land opportunities for profit potential, improvements needed, soil quality and location.
  • Treating rented land as our own and constantly looking for ways to improve the land by adding the necessary fertilizer, land forming for irrigation, setting up irrigation wells, implementing conservation measures and maintaining roads, turn rows and ditches.
  • Having an annual landlord appreciation dinner in November.
  • Providing quarterly newsletters about current activities at Silent Shade.

Landowners, who are interested in renting or selling their land to Silent Shade Planting Company, can contact Jeremy Jack at 662.247.1214 to schedule a meeting. References can be provided.