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  • Focusing on Environmental Sustainability

    Providing scientific data on water conservation through Silent Shade’s participation in the R.E.A.C.H. program
  • Employing the latest technology in standard daily practices

    Using GPS auto steer, grid soil sampling, aerial imagery, variable rate input controllers, and yield monitors to maximize yields
  • A family owned farming business

    Focused on family values of hard work, safety, respect and social responsibility
  • Making Safety a Priority

    Creating an environment of safety first, duty second
  • Working Daily as a Team

    Providing a positive work environment for our team members
  • Managing Crop Quality and Health

    Using fertility, irrigation and pesticide management to enhance crop quality
  • Supporting our Local Community

    Making a positive social and economic impact on our surrounding area




America’s number one field crop, corn leads all other crops in volume of production in the United States. Fifty percent of our corn is harvested to feed chickens in Mississippi.



More soybeans are grown in the United States than anywhere else in the world. Soybeans are used to make a variety of products including crayons, candles, cattle, chicken and catfish feed, plastics and hair care products.



Rice currently makes up more than 80% of a person’s diet for more than half of the people in the world. 85% of the rice that Americans eat in a year was grown in the United States.



One bushel of Silent Shade wheat can make approximately 90 loaves of whole wheat bread. Our wheat is planted in the winter and harvested in June yearly.




Mississippi is located in the United States’ “Cotton Belt.” Half of the cotton that goes through U.S. textile mills is used for clothing. Other uses include wall coverings, thread, book bindings, and medical supplies.



Our peanuts are runner peanuts, the most commonly grown peanuts in the U.S. Most runner peanuts are used to make peanut butter.

Mission and Philosophy


We believe that safety, hard work, sustainability and teamwork are essential factors to our success.

  • Safety – We promote an environment of safety first and duty second by providing monthly safety training, providing an easy reporting process for safety hazards, and using up-to-date technology to help our employees do the job safely and efficiently.
  • Hard Work – “Without hard work, nothing grows but weeds.” Hard work is what this business has been built upon, and it is vital to the continued success of our employees and Silent Shade Planting Company.
  • Sustainability – We incorporate the latest technology to get the most out of every acre with the least amount of ecological impact.
  • Teamwork – Whether in the office or in the fields, we work very closely together, and group unity is essential to help Silent Shade fulfill its mission. All of our employees are expected to share a mutual respect for one another and to work as a team.

Mission & Values

Our mission at Silent Shade Planting Company is to safely and efficiently produce high-quality raw food and fiber commodities, to maximize profitability, to support our rural community, and to advance agricultural practices to meet the needs of future generations to come. We work to accomplish this mission by employing the following core values:

  • An ethical, sustainable business model
  • A safe working environment
  • Excellent land stewardship practices
  • Efficient use of inputs
  • Innovative farming techniques
  • Investment in our rural community

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